Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend with George Walker

What a delight - we've had the pleasure of George Walker's company this week.

George and Jim Tolpin have spent a lot of time deep in discussion about their new book. From the hints and conversations I've had with them both - its clear that the book will provoke the woodworker to look hard at design as a skill (not an innate talent) that can be learnt, practiced and developed.

And then the class happened.....

These folks are converted (see slideshow below))! My thanks to them all for the enthusiasm, great ideas, great conversation!

(Click through on the slideshow to go to the Gallery and download full size pix)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My boomerang won't come back!

Only if you haven't made it properly!

Last weekend six enthusiastic students took Matthew Hirsch'sWooden Boomerang Class - part of our Youth Woodworking Program for 2011.

The students glued up the "L" shaped blanks and drew on the patterns. We helped by bandsawing out the shapes. They carefully shaped the cross section of the boomerangs to aerofoils. Steam bending alllowed them to change the flight behaviour of the thrown boomerang. Not all boomerangs come back! Some are designed to knock the prey out of the tree.

Many thanks for Matthew for running such a great class.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coopering Class - Another view

We love it when somebody other than us writes up a course at the School.

Sandra Carr and Joe Gelinas from Gelinas Carr Furniture in the Cowichan Valley, just north of Duncan on Vancouver Island, attended Steve Habersetzer's course on Coopering in late July.

Sandra made time in her busy schedule to write this wonderful article on their experience in the the class.

I love the coopered yellow cedar bath tub they made for a neighbour - and how they delivered it!

Sandra and Joe encourage visitors to drop by and visit. Giving them a call in advance helps.

Monday, August 1, 2011

30th Anniversary of the NW School of Wooden Boat Building

We relish the success of other local crafts schools and hope to emulate their long history!

Join the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding Saturday, August 6th, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary!
Our waterfront campus in Port Hadlock on Washington's beautiful Olympic Peninsula will be open all day from 9am to 6pm. To add to the festivities, the Puget Sound Chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association is co-sponsoring this event with their 6th Annual Sail-In. Come on down and enjoy a day of boats, food and fun.
This very informal gathering is for people of all ages - everyone is invited. No need to RSVP, just show up and enjoy the day down by the water. To learn more, please click here.

Wildlife Habitat Boxes - July 2011

Birdhouses, bathouses, bee houses. Luxury condos for the birds!
An amazing array of avifaunal (h)abitation came from three extra-ordinary young men and a gifted teacher. Our deepest thanks to John Edwards for his sheer persistence and devotion to getting our youth program off the perch!

Coopering - July 2011

Another great coopering class from Steve Habersetzer. Two class pictures - with and with out headwear:

Click through to the Gallery to download printable versions.

Sandra (lower left) has promised a blog posting with her pix from the class. I'll post it when we receive it.
8/8/2011 - here's the link to Sandra's blog entry. Very many thanks Sandra!

Hand Tool Heaven - June 2011

This was the first Handtool Heaven to run since the publication of Jim Tolpin's "The New Traditional Woodworker". Jim wrote the book as he developed the course and redefined his relationship to woodworking.

As ever it is a joy to watch Jim's insight and influence affect the folks on the course.

Woodworking 101 for the WCC

We were honoured to be asked to teach members of the Washington Conservation Corps some basic and not-so  basic woodworking skills when they had their Spring Retreat at Fort Worden in the Middle of June.

John Marckworth and local master craftsman Greg Kossow put them through the paces.