Friday, May 28, 2010

What a week in turning! Classes with Bonnie Klein

Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Renowned woodturning teacher Bonnie Klein has been at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking this last week. She's taught three classes so far and will be teaching this weekend as well.

The energy and the focus in the classes is palpable - there is a great rapport between the students and a remarkable quality of work. The quality of the work from novice turners is stunning - look through these slide shows and figure out who has never turned before - I'd never guess. I'm hoping to take one of Bonnie's classes when things ease up!

If you're wandering around the Fort this weekend feel free to drop in and watch what is happening. I'll be around in the machine shop and will be happy to guide you around.

(Students - click on any of the slides to go to the Picasa Gallery. You can download printable sized images.)

Basic Woodturning (24-25 May)

Turning Small Bowls (26-27 May)

Turning Boxes (28 May)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Carbon Offset Tour - June 18th 2010

Port Townsend School of Woodworking

The Port Townsend School of Woodworking is delighted to help promote the Carbon Offset Tour on June 18th 2010. We think that helping woodlot owners to receive cash for a commitment to leaving trees on the stump is major incentive to preserve trees and to sequester carbon. The bigger the tree the more carbon dioxide it takes out of the atmosphere; helping offset the amount of carbon we each burn every year.

The Northwest Natural Resource Group is based here in Port Townsend and they are pioneers in small scale carbon offset programs, plus they are group certification organization for the Forest Stewardship Council. The Carbon Offset Tour is a series of presentation followed by a guided tour of several small(ish) private woodlands. Inspiring and informative - highly recommended.

The School's new non profit board includes Shelley French (NNRG's Financial Director and Operations Manager) plus we're partnering with then on some grant applications.

You can read more here.

I plan to be there - hope to see you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Windows Restoration Project starts at Fort Worden

Port Townsend School of Woodworking

The Port Townsend School of Woodworking in partnership with Fort Worden State Park and Peninsula College has started teaching old window restoration as part of an ARRA (Stimulus) grant received by Fort Worden. We've setup a millwork shop in the Old Bakery at Fort Worden and have started work on Building 200 (the Fort Office). Keep coming back to the entry to watch the slide show grow.

Details to follow on the Schools website.

Out of Square 2010

Port Townsend School of Woodworking

In the last week of April Seth Rolland taught to a small but incredibly enthusiastic class at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. There was a great deal of improvisation and experimentation going on. When we came to empty woodbins it was the first time I've had to use a whip to keep the pieces under control. Hopefully these images will give you a sense of how things were in the class!

Plus the first in class use of Sketchup to work on designs!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Windows Restoration Training in Port Townsend

Port Townsend School of Woodworking

For Immediate Release
Contact:  Jake Hollingsworth, 360.344.4404

Fort Worden State Parks, Port Townsend School of Woodworking and Peninsula College are coming together on a Historic Window Restoration Class project.  Fort Worden State Park was awarded Energy Recovery Funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.  The funds will provide for free tuition and enrollment for the historic window restoration classes.  The students will receive certification in historic windows restoration from Peninsula College while receiving expert training from the Port Townsend School of Woodworking.  These classes are for those interested in an in-depth look at construction and maintenance of double-hung windows, and appropriate storm window options for historic structures. 

Class focus is basic-to-intermediate window maintenance and repairs.  This program gives the participant a beginning knowledge of practical in-shop millwork practices. Included are project layout, appropriate materials, joinery techniques, storm sash manufacturing and glazing.  The class will also be introduced to the manufacture, hardware, and installation of operable storm windows on two historic buildings at Fort Worden.  Buildings 200 (park office) and 310 (gym) will be the project sites for these classes

Classes are two or three  weeks in length – Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  There are no classes on weekends.  Each class is limited to 12 students/participants.  Each student/participant must successfully complete the restoration of two windows to receive certification.  The roster currently has many participants from the Veterans Conservation Corps, Department of Ecology’s Washington Conservation Corps and Washington State Parks. 

The following classes have openings:
Window Restoration and Storm Sash Construction /Installation -   June 1 -11
Advanced Window Restoration and Wall Stabilization - August 2-20
Advanced Window Restoration -  August 23- Sept 2
There is no charge for a course - breakfast and lunch are provided. Assistance with accommodation is available.

If you are interested or need more information, contact Dale Hollingsworth, Fort Worden State Park at 344.4404 or email at