Friday, April 2, 2010

Woodworking for Women - March 2010

Port Townsend School of Woodworking

What a bunch of happy people! John, Jim and I checked in at various times during the week. These women were working hard and clearly having a great time!

I also really appreciated the feedback that they really enjoyed that the class was just for women. One of the questions at the end of the class was "When do we get a second week with Martha?".  We'll work on that!

We also really appreciate that folks traveled from Boston and Iowa to take the class.

Thanks everybody for coming and thanks to Martha Collins for being a great teacher.


  1. That's awesome to see. My wife and I are just getting an Women in Woodworking series started on the Grover Woodworks blog. Glad to see they had fun and want to come back for more.


  2. At the airport returning home after a week with the Women. It was an absolutely amazing week. My mind is just buzzing with future projects, tools I now need, wood I want to find. Thanks everyone, especially Martha.

    Criss R
    Burlington, IOWA

  3. What an incredible week spent in the class lead by the incomparable Martha Collins. She was patient, supportive and kind in the face of our beginner’s efforts. I ended the week exhausted and excited . . . and with basic skills and confidence to carry on a bit by myself. I do look forward to the possibility of a Martha Collins: Part 2 class to hone my skills further.

    Port Townsend