Friday, January 8, 2010

Steve Habersetzer's Latest Gypsy Wagon

Steve has just completed this Gypsy Wagon for Pushkara. I'll add more details soon.

I wanted to get these images up so that you could drool over them and think about coming along to the Design and Build classes in either March or September.


  1. Absolutely Fantastic work, Well Done !! =)
    I am looking forward to learning from you soon.
    Paula Sue

  2. Hi,
    Wood Stooges,
    You can drool some more over Steve's craft of the gypsy wagon at:
    Nice video of the SingPeace! gypsy wagon inaugural at the Woodworker's Show.
    The wagon construction is nearing completion. We will take a week for interior furnishings and decorative painting. We'd like to bring the SingPeace! Pilgrimage and gypsy wagon to Fort Worden for several days about the 2nd week in Feb., to show it off, do some outdoor programs etc. Any chance you could help us with sponsorship? We're talking also with Madrona Mind/Body for indoor event(s). Thanks so much for helping me to launch this project. It has been a sheer joy!

  3. Okay, that does it. I've got to build one of these!