Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Out of Square with Seth Rolland

Port Townsend, Washington:
Some images from Day 3 onwards of the Out of Square class at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. The first few days were demos, sketching, making models. Now, enthused by Seth's vigorous teaching style they get to build the forms and stand bending the wood.

Keep watching to see how the designs evolve.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miller Manufacturing - Port Angeles

Four of Port Townsend's Splintergroup headed out to examine some redwood slabs that have been through the dehumidification kiln at Miller Manufacturing in Port Angeles.

One of Michael Hamilton's clients has a family property outside Sequim that was homesteaded in the late 19th century. The land was cleared and the family planted trees that grow up and down the West Coast to see how they would grow near Sequim. One set of seedlings included some Redwoods. One of the trees blew down in a storm a couple of years ago. The family kindly offered the tree to the Splintergroup as part of their "Gotta Tree" program that rescues and reclaims lumber from around Port Townsend.

This first (uppermost) part of the tree was sent to Guy Miller's dehumidification kiln to see how it would dry. We met with Guy last week to see how the wood fared in the kiln. Guy showed us round his operation, which primarily makes flooring but he does rent out his kiln (around $350 per thousand board feet) to dry small batches of lumber for landowners.

The dehumidification kiln is made from a converted refrigerated container with dehumidifier added and baffles to control the airflow in the kiln. The temperature can get up to about 150F (which is needed to set pitch in fir or pine).

There are other kilns in the area but Guy's is the only dehumidification kiln I, now, know about. I'll be posting more information about kilns and other local resources over the next few months.

The Splintergroup will be making rustic outdoor furniture from the Redwood. The furniture will be auctioned off for charity at the Port Townsend Woodworker's Show in November 2009.

We checked the moisture content of the Redwood at 14% which is a little high but not a surprise as these boards are 3 1/4" thick. OK for outdoor furniture!

Miller Manufacturing, 255568 Hwy 101, Port Angeles, Washington - (360) 452-0932

Monday, April 20, 2009

Carving Shed at the Jamestown S'Klallam

I went out to Blyn, about 30 minutes west of Port Townsend on the way to Sequim, to meet with Dale Faulstich. Dale has generously agreed to give the next presentation in our "Art and Craft of Working with Wood" lecture series. Dale will be giving his presentation at the School on the 21st of May at 6:30. The admission is free.

I feel privileged and awed to watch these carvers at work and to see this healing themed totem pole emerging from old first growth cedar.

The carving shed is at the Jamestom S'Klallam Tribal Center in Blyn - the carving shop is down behind the Art Gallery there on the North Side of Route 101. It's a full time job and the carvers are there business hours weekdays. They welcome guests to drop in and watch them at work.

We're thinking about hosting classes with carvers of Dale's calibre - feel free to drop us a note or post a comment if you'd like to know more or make suggestions.

(There are a few captions on the slideshow - but the images speak for themselves.)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greene & Greene Details II - April 2009

Another bunch of happy students get to grips with a great set of fine detail and the ways to make them with Darrell Peart's new Greene and Greene Details class.

Just click on the link in the lower left hand corner of the slideshow to go to our Picasa site. You can download the images from there. Enjoy.

Feel free to comment, please.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Building a Windsor Chair with Greg Kossow

I threatened the guys with posting images every day on the blog and I didn't get to do it yesterday.
They were giving me grief this morning. So here you are immortalized for posterity!

That said they were having way too much fun. Ankle deep in shavings; delicate staves appearing from split chunks of white ash; a delightful array of drawknives, spokeshaves gracing the benches.

They broke down an used the bandsaw this morning to cut out the seat. I think they're making steam tomorrow. Shout if you hear the whistle.

Mark is training Kielan as a service dog so he (Kielan) is allowed in the school and around the buildings at the Fort - so this is the (permitted) exception to the rules about pets at the Fort.

I'll be adding to the slideshow each day. Or nearly every day. I wasn't able to get to the school to take pictures at the end of class but if any of the students have images of completed chairs please send them in and I'll add them to the slide show.

Woodworks, Things of Use and Beauty

The White River Valley Museum celebrates the history, art and craft of woodworking with the exhibit “Woodworks, Things of Use and Beauty” that opens April 22 and runs through July 26. The collection honors the skills of carving, joinery and cabinetry focusing on three cultural traditions: Coast Salish Native, European and Japanese.

Caveat - I know nothing about the Museum but I laud the goals of the exhibition. If any of you live near enough and go to the exhibition please post a comment and let the rest us know whether we should visit.

More details here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Naoko Morisawa - Amazing Wood Mosaics

Image copyright Noaoko Morisawa 2007.

I met Naoko at Art Port Townsend in 2007 and was astounded by her wonderful dyed wood mosiacs. We persuaded Naoko to exhibit at the Port Towsend Woodworker's show in 2007.

Now she goes from being a juried winner at Art Port Townsend in 2007 and 2008 to having a joint show at Seattle Art Museum (SAM) from April 14th -May 8th.

I encourage you to go and see her work. You'll be forgiven for mistaking her work for a painting!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Woodworking for Women - April 2009

Close the end of the Woodworking for Women Course I persuaded these woodworker converts out for a brief break in the sun and a photo opportunity. I have to apologise for asking Martha to sit on the ramp but she was delighted to show off her new knees working properly. These folks were so keen that they came back on Saturday morning to spend extra time working on their projects!

Thanks to Martha for so clearly inspiring and teaching these women.
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fearless Finishing with Michael Dresdner

This class was great fun. Just before the class Michael had realized that he has spent 40 years in the finishing profession - as a finisher, formulator and writer about finishing.

Michael shares a huge amount of information about the finishes, how they are used, how they differ and more. He showed us the brush he has been using for the last 30 years - still in perfect condition and then shared the secrets of brush maintenance.

Michael blasted aside myths and misconceptions about finishing. We experimented with a vast array of finishes on many different woods. He's working on an article of green finishing and I'm looking forward to his conclusions - they might not be what we expect!

Michaels' tales of adventures and misadventures in the finishing trade were alone worth the price of admission.

We'll be re-running this course in August.

Images from the trail version of Darrell Peart's new course

We've been tardy getting these images of Darrell Peart's new Greene and Greene Details II course up on our blog. As you can see the participants had a great time. I'll get John to add some more details shortly but we wanted you to get a real impression of what it is like to take the course.